Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Happy and Prosperous Business Quality and more quality

Bulletin December 18 - SPAZIOREPORT
Happy and Prosperous Business
By Eva Crespi

Whenever lack least to inaugurate the new year. We have a few days of December and then arrive at 2010. I like the 10. Many of us still remembers the highest grade to which we aspire in school. Now things have changed but 10 continues to symbolize much for anyone.

And because it is so, why do not aspire to a 10 on the success of our business? Perfection does not exist but why not aim for excellence? Along the way were some factors that will avoid such excellence but at least stay the course.

seems that 2010 will bring something that a lot and hopefully, the beginning of the end of the crisis. They say it will still be a tough year but glad to see some positive data to anyone with a business related to wellness and beauty.

If the news starts to be more positive, the consumer may feel more confident and therefore decided to use the services of one of our stores and spend a bit more. This will result in all the sector: center owners, suppliers, staff ...

Well, which provides for better times, we will prepare. Yo, from here, we encourage you to put the batteries and make an act of reflection. See where we are is crucial to decide where we go. A more complicated in recent years, certainly has left a burden on our businesses. It is important to know where we are. One of the formulas used in marketing is the SWOT analysis. Internally, is to identify weaknesses and strengths of our companies. And externally, to identify threats and opportunities the environment offers. It is also advisable to review our mission and vision.

After this phase, which might call for diagnosis and once we clear our present state, we can design a strategy for the new year. It's time to plan, set goals and allocate human and material resources to achieve them.

Good planning can be a bit tedious but at times in which we find is one of the best ways to write down our plans and most importantly, to later verify compliance.

The 2010 is approaching. Happy Happy New Year and Business.


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